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Contributions may be made to The Rotary Foundation to fund international health, education and welfare projects.

Local donations may be directed to support the Rotary Club of Santa Clara Scholarship or Charities Foundations.


The Santa Clara Rotary Foundation (SCRF) was established in 1994 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, with a goal of funding scholarships for students attending Santa Clara High Schools wishing to attend a local community college.

Since its inception, the SCRF has extended the Scholarships to students who go on to four-year colleges and is now the vehicle for other club projects such as, Steps For Success, Enterprise Leadership Conference (ELC), Christmas For Kids and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA).

Over the past twenty years the SCRF has been funded by Wine Dinners and Auctions, the Santa Clara Rotary Cup Soccer Tournament, Scotch Tasting Dinners, and since 2012, the Silicon Valley Barbeque Championships. The SCRF is also funded by individual contributions from our members.

The SCRF Board consists of seven directors, which include the immediate four Past Presidents, the current club President, the President Elect and the current Chair of our largest Fundraiser.

If you have questions regarding donations to the SCRF or general information please feel free to contact me.

Truly Yours in Rotary,

Dan Holder

President Santa Clara Rotary Foundation

Past president 2011-2012


The Santa Clara Rotary selects four Rotary Scholarship recipients each year for a $2,000/year scholarship to attend community college or a trade school. These scholars can receive up to four years of funding if they remain as full time students and maintain the required GPA. You must be a student at one of the Santa Clara high schools and have a GPA between 2.5 and 3.25 in order to quality. The scholarship application is available in the counseling office at all of the high schools in Santa Clara in the early part of the calendar year, typically around mid-January.

Steps for Success

Santa Clara Rotarians volunteer their time and donate funds to organize an annual community giving project called Steps For Success. The project is dedicated to providing young school children, from low-income families, with a new pair of shoes, socks, and a library book.This ensures that students will have properly fitted shoes for school and physical education classes. It also ensures that each student receives a book to read and call their own. The Rotary Club of Santa Clara partners with the Santa Clara Library Foundation to provide students there new book.

The Steps for Success takes place in early October to select Santa Clara Unified District elementary schools.

Santa Clara Rotary and The Interact Club, a Rotary sponsored high school work together to provide a fun craft project for the children the day of the event.

For 17 years, the Rotary Club of Santa Clara has given over 8,000 pairs of shoes to low income families to children attending the Santa Clara Unified School District. Our goal is to give a free pair of athletic shoes, socks and a book to preschool, kindergarten and first grade students and their brothers and sisters through fifth grade.

This is a special project and well worth the outcome and another way we serve the community.

Christmas for Kids

The Rotary Club of Santa Clara will continue its tradition of providing gifts and new winter jackets to some very special children from our local schools. Lexus of Stevens Creek will graciously host our event. Our club members, their family and friends, Interactors from community high schools, other sponsors and volunteers will actively man this event at Lexus.

Our Christmas for Kids program directly touches over 150 children and is sponsored in part through the efforts of the Rotary Club of Santa Clara and the Santa Clara Rotary Foundation, which raises money fundraising events.

Christmas for Kids is a very special event that touches many in so many different ways. Help change the World!

Enterprise Leadership

ELC Website

The Enterprise Leadership Conference (ELC) is a Rotary sponsored 3 -day scholarship program for high school juniors. It is designed to provide an intensive introduction to the entrepreneurial opportunities in America. Students are challenged and inspirednto consider the opportunities in starting and running their own business.

The 2016 conference will be held March 16 - 18th at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, and held annually at this location.


Water Filter Program

The Rotary Club of Santa Clara funded the water filters to the Rotary Club of San Miguel de Heredia.

As president of the Rotary Club of San Miguel de Heredia, I want to reiterate our appreciation for the support of financing funds for filters project that the Rotary Club of Santa Clara sent us, which was a success and a lot of acceptance in our schools.

Yours in Rotary
Esteban Gonzales
Club President

Alangalang Philippines

The Santa Clara Rotary club has donated aid to help in the recovery from the hurricane that hit the Philippines. Specifically we have supported the village of Alangalang.